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Tracking Elephant Herds

In response to increasing reports of human-elephant conflict in the Panjane region of the Magude District, the MWA conflict team conducted a targeted mission. The objective was twofold: to track the elephant herds responsible for the conflicts and to deploy a tracking collar on one of the elephants.

The mission spanned five days and involved coordination between MWA, ANAC, and the Karingani Game Reserve. The collaboration aimed to leverage expertise and resources for effective conservation action.

The joint team navigated the rugged terrain of Panjane to locate and monitor elephant herds, successfully placing a tracking collar on a female adult elephant. Equipped with advanced technology, the collar will provide valuable data on elephant behavior and migratory patterns, aiding in future conservation efforts.

Furthermore, community engagement remains a key aspect of conservation initiatives. Understanding local perspectives and involving communities in decision-making processes can foster better coexistence between humans and wildlife.

As the tracking collar begins to transmit data, it represents a step forward in understanding and mitigating human-elephant conflict in Panjane. Through continued collaboration and data-driven strategies, conservation efforts can strive towards a future where both humans and wildlife thrive in harmony.


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