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Releasing 23 Elephants Into Zinave National Park

If you’ve been following Peace Parks TV this week, you will know that these 23 elephants have been translocated from Maputo National Park’s buffer zone, where they were facing significant risk due to human-wildlife conflict, to the safety and space of Zinave National Park.

As the elephants make their way of out the trucks and into the safety of Zinave’s forests, Park Warden Antonio Abacar explains that elephants are vital to the health of the landscape as they open new areas through their widespread movement and feeding habits, which allows for new grasses to grow. Believe it or not, their nutrient-rich dung also plays a vital role in shaping the ecosystem as it contains many intact seeds which are distributed throughout the landscape as they move through it.

Co-managed by Peace Parks Foundation and Mozambique’s National Administration for Conservation Areas, Zinave National Park is one of southern Africa’s most beautiful conservation success stories and a testimony to how quickly nature can bounce back, given the time.

Peace Parks would like to extend its thanks to everyone who made this translocation a success, particularly to Kester Vickery and his dedicated team at Conservation Solutions and the passionate Mozambique Wildlife Alliance veterinarians; their combined expertise here was invaluable. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the generous support of donors, in this case, ICWA.


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