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Replacing a Satellite Tracking Collar

Recently, an elephant in Limpopo National Park needed to have his satellite tracking collar replaced.

Typical of young elephant bulls, their growth rate is quite fast, and it was time to replace the collar, not only because of his size, but because the battery life of the collar was running low.

It is important to find collared wildlife and remove or replace their collars before the battery life runs out, as finding them after the collar has died becomes increasingly more difficult.

Satellite collars are extremely useful tools which provide data and insight into elephant landscape and habitat use as well as long-term movements.

The bull was successfully darted from a helicopter provided by Wildlife Helicopters Mozambique, his collar was replaced, and he was woken up from anaesthesia to return back to his normal activities with a new collar in place.

This operation was in collaboration with ANAC, Elephants Alive and Peace Parks Foundation. The new collar and operational costs were graciously sponsored by Wild and Wonderful World.

You can also check out Ironman 4x4 South Africa’s YouTube post: "Ironvan" Adventures with Wild Wonderful World: Mozambique Episode: 03 Elephant Collaring” for an episode featuring this procedure!


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