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Vaccination campaign for domestic animals: Kassimate and Ndenguinduane

In a collaborative effort, the Mozambique Wildlife Alliance, in partnership with ANAC and SDAE, conducted a domestic pet vaccination campaign in Namaacha's communities of Kassimate and Denguindane, along with the Mateus village.

The campaign exemplified the One Health approach, a holistic strategy that recognizes the interconnectedness of animal, human, and environmental health. By vaccinating pets against diseases like rabies, we not only safeguard the health of animals but also mitigate the risk of disease transmission to humans and wildlife. Additionally the sterilization of males helps to control the population of pets by reducing the number of individuals that could get the disease if not vaccinated.

Looking ahead, this campaign marks the beginning of a series of planned activities for the year. The aim is to conduct five more campaigns by the end of the year, continuing the commitment to improving animal and community health in various regions in Mozambique.

The campaign showed promising results, largely due to the positive interactions we had with the communities and local institutions. This allowed us to build strong relationships, which will benefit us in future operations, such as addressing human-wildlife conflicts. By fostering collaboration and mutual understanding, we lay the groundwork for sustainable solutions that benefit both people and wildlife.

A total of 64 dogs and 12 cats received their vaccinations. And, 4 dogs and 2 cats underwent sterilization procedures to help manage the pet population. The comprehensive care provided during the campaign, including deworming and sterilization, underscores the importance of addressing both preventive and curative aspects of animal health. By taking a proactive approach to animal welfare, we promote healthier communities and contribute to the sustainable management of our environment.


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