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Fast Forward to One Year and Three Months Later!

In May 2022 this female cheetah found herself ensnared in a gin trap, leading to the amputation of right frontal limb at the carpal level. Additionally, she had a missing toe on her right back foot, which required surgical intervention as well. In a collaborative effort, the MWA team and VAL Clinic Surgeons, Drs. Mota Cardoso and Sérgio Oliveira, worked alongside the Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance (ICWCA), Zambeze Delta Conservation (ZDC), and ANAC to address this critical case.

The procedure took place within a boma, where the cheetah was immobilized.

However, despite the care during her recovery, the cheetah managed to escape the boma wearing a nonfunctional collar leaving, the ZDC unable to track her movements.

Skipping ahead to 2023 and this remarkable cheetah made an unexpected but fortunate appearance. This signaled that she had not only survived but thrived with her amputated foot for an impressive 15 months.

Despite the loss of a limb and her escape from human care, this cheetah has successfully navigated the challenges of the wild for over a year. Her ability to adapt is a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the wild. It also underscores the importance of continued vigilance and support for wildlife conservation efforts.


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