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White Rhino Dehorning in Massitonto

Following the Mozambique National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC) decision in 2020 to dehorn every rhino in high risk areas in Mozambique, the MWA team and partners have implemented a highly effective reactive system aiming at detecting, chemically immobilizing and carefully dehorning all rhinos crossing from South Africa's Kruger National Park, into Mozambique's high risk areas.

This system, while a preventative temporary measure, has contributed to a significant decrease in rhino poaching events in the country, while promoting an increasing number of animals staying for long periods in Mozambique territory.

This week, our team had the privilege of having two male white rhinos undergo dehorning operations, ensuring that they continue to thrive under the protection of Mozambique’s proactive measures and the invaluable support from partners such as Sabie Game Park, Karingani Game Reserve and Peace Parks Foundation, with the generous contribution of Rhino Recovery Fund.


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