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Veterinary Interventions Supporting Cheetah Management and Protection

In a recent development within the Marromeu complex, the Zambeze Delta Conservation team identified two faulty collars on male cheetahs, crucial for monitoring the success of their reintroduction into the landscape. These collars serve as vital assets in tracking and understanding the behavior of these animals.

To address this issue, the MWA veterinary team was promptly engaged to replace the faulty collars. Despite the malfunction, the VHF component of the collars remained operational, enabling continued tracking.

By quickly addressing technical issues and ensuring the functionality of these collars, the collaborative efforts in Coutada 11 reaffirm the commitment to effective wildlife management. Such proactive measures are essential for the success of species reintroduction programs and the long-term conservation of biodiversity within the Marromeu complex and beyond.


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