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Collar Replacement Enhances Conservation Efforts for Lioness in Niassa Special Reserve

In a recent collaborative effort by the Niassa Carnivore Project and MWA, in collaboration with the Niassa Special Reserve management authority (ANAC and WCS), a four-year-old lioness has been fitted with a new VHF collar in the Niassa Special Reserve. This operation, supported by the Lion Recovery Fund, was essential for continuing the crucial conservation of lion populations within the reserve.

The lioness was previously equipped with a collar that had ceased to function. To maintain the continuity of the monitoring efforts, which include tracking movements, behaviors, and interactions within the lion population, a replacement of the non-operational collar was deemed necessary.

These collars are vital tools in conservation, providing real-time data that helps us understand more about the lions' range, their health, and their ecology. Such data is critical in crafting strategies to mitigate conflicts between lions and humans, enhance habitat conservation, and protect against poaching.


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