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Tracking Wildlife in Zinave: A 15-Day Mission

Recently, a significant 15-day mission in the Zinave landscape saw the successful tracking of both an elephant and a lion. This effort was a collaboration between the MWA, ANAC, the Endagered Wildlife Trust and Peace Parks Foundation.

One part of the mission involved tranquilizing a female elephant to fit her with a collar for tracking her movements and habitat utilization. This is part of MWA's innovative approach, we're testing a low-cost SAT-VHF tracking device. By combining a conventional VHF collar with a G-sat system, commonly used in the cattle industry, we're aiming to improve tracking efficiency. This new technology promises to provide valuable data while keeping costs down, potentially benefiting other wildlife tracking projects in the future.

The mission also made history in the ZNP sanctuary with the safe capture and collaring of a male lion. This was the first time such an operation had been conducted in the park. The team spent 7 intense days using bait and calling techniques, demonstrating great patience and resilience. The successful collaring of the lion will allow the park to monitor his movements and behavior, contributing to the broader efforts of lion conservation in the region.

Overall, this 15-day mission highlights the importance of collaboration and innovation in wildlife conservation. The successful tracking of both the elephant and lion provides crucial data for understanding their movements and habitat use in the Zinave landscape. This information will be instrumental in developing effective conservation strategies and ensuring the long-term survival of these species.


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