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Our Elephants have found a Sanctuary at Zinave!

The 37 elephants that were translocated from the landscape of the Maputo river, on the limits of the Maputo Special Reserve, are already installed in the Zinave National Park. This was the first internal translocation of elephants to take place in Mozambique.

The last 13 elephants arrived at Zinave in the last week of May, as a result of a partnership between the National Administration of Conservation Areas and the Peace Parks Foundation, with financial support from the Aspinall Foundation and the Wildlife Emergency Fund, as well as the support of the wildlife translocation specialists from Conservation Solutions and veterinary support from Mozambique Wildlife Alliance.

In Zinave National Park, the elephants have found ample space in the sanctuary of 18,500 hectares, which could be expanded to 30,000 hectares in the coming years. They join another 170 elephants that have been translocated to Zinave over the past four years.

This founding population will contribute to improving the genetics of the current Zinave elephant population and part of them will be translocated to restore other parks that currently have few elephants.

Let us celebrate together this great victory for the government of Mozambique and partners in the country's elephant conservation efforts.


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