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Hyenas translocation: Because every neighborhood deserves a good laugh!

In a collaborative effort involving ANAC, Karingani Game Reserve (KGR) and Gorongosa National Park (GNP), six hyenas were successfully translocated from Karingani Game Reserve to Gorongosa National Park. The initiative is part of a broader restoration project.

The restoration efforts encompass a multifaceted approach, including habitat rehabilitation, anti-poaching measures, and species reintroduction. The translocation of hyenas is a strategic component, contributing to the reestablishment of balanced predator-prey dynamics within the park.

The hyenas underwent eight hours of anesthesia to facilitate the safe transfer and adaptation to their new environment. This meticulous process ensures the well-being of the animals and contributes to the success of the restoration endeavor.

This joint venture highlights the significance of partnerships in addressing conservation challenges. The translocation serves as a practical step in the ongoing mission to preserve and restore wildlife populations.

A special thanks to Lion Recovery Fund (LRF) for helping us accomplish this mission!


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