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From Survival to New Life: The Unstoppable Journey of a Cheetah

In May 2022, a female cheetah ensnared in a gin trap underwent the amputation of her right front limb and surgical repair for a missing toe on her right back foot. Despite escaping during recovery with a collar that which became dysfunctional shortly thereafter, making tracking impossible, she reappeared in 2023, having thrived with her amputated limb for 15 months.

As of June 2024, we have received news that this cheetah has had three healthy cubs. Despite the challenges of losing a limb and escaping human care, she has successfully navigated the wild, demonstrating remarkable adaptability and resilience. Her ability to thrive underscores the unpredictable nature of wildlife and emphasizes the critical role of conservation efforts.

This journey from injury to motherhood is a testament to wildlife resilience, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Zambeze Delta Conservation team. Their collaboration was instrumental in her initial treatment and subsequent monitoring, ensuring she had the support needed to flourish in her natural habitat. The ZDC team's commitment to her recovery and their ongoing conservation work have been essential to her success story.

This milestone reaffirms our commitment to supporting wildlife conservation initiatives that empower animals to overcome adversity and thrive. The cheetah’s journey highlights the importance of the ZDC's contributions and the impact of their continued vigilance and support in preserving wildlife.


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