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Establishing a New Rapid Response Unit in Moamba: A Beacon of Hope

We are excited to announce the official establishment of a new Rapid Response Unit (RRU) in Moamba, part of the Chanculo Agricultural Association. This unit represents a significant step forward in our commitment to supporting communities and protecting wildlife.

The inauguration of this unit was marked by a special event attended by local authorities, where we officially presented the RRU team. Along with the new motorbike, we provided essential equipment including, phones, uniforms and boots that equips them to reach affected areas quickly, implement mitigation tools and work closely with the community to prevent and manage conflicts. We also provided a comprehensive training to ensure our team is well-versed in the best practices for wildlife management and community engagement.

Our Rapid Response Units serve as beacons of hope for communities facing the challenges of human-wildlife conflict. When elephants and other wildlife wander into farming areas, they can cause significant crop damage and threaten local livelihoods. The RRU in Moamba is equipped to respond effectively, mitigating these conflicts and fostering a safer environment for both people and wildlife.

The establishment of the RRU in Moamba strengthens the bond between our organization and the local communities. By empowering local heroes with the tools and training they need, we create a sense of ownership and responsibility towards wildlife conservation.

This new RRU is a testament to our dedication to creating sustainable solutions for human-wildlife conflict. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this unit will have on the community and the broader efforts to conserve Mozambique’s incredible wildlife.


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