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Empowering Catuane's Producers to Alleviate Human-Wildlife Conflict

Human-wildlife conflict is a pressing issue, and our recent mission in Catuane aimed to address this challenge head-on.

In collaboration with the Environmental PRM, our team was set out on a training mission to empower the local producers of Catuane to mitigate human-wildlife conflict while ensuring the welfare of both people and wildlife.

We conducted a training session that brought together 56 women and 17 men from the Catuane and Kassimate communities. The mission's success hinged on providing the participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to coexist peacefully with the local wildlife.

One of the key elements of the training was teaching the participants how to create and utilize peri-peri blocks, a potent yet humane deterrent against wildlife. These blocks, infused with a spicy blend, deter animals from raiding communities while avoiding harming them. It's an innovative and sustainable approach to protect both people and wildlife.

With education, innovation, and collaboration, we can protect the natural treasures of Catuane while improving the lives of its residents. We extend our gratitude to the Environmental PRM, the dedicated field team, and the enthusiastic participants who made this mission a success!


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