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Elephant Collaring: Conservation in Action

In a collaborative effort between MWA, ANAC and the Karingani Game Reserve, an elephant collaring operation was successfully conducted in the Memo community in Manjacaze.

The collaring involved equipping a female elephant, estimated to be around 45 years old, with GPS/VHF technology. This initiative aims to gather vital data on elephant movement patterns, which will contribute to better understanding elephant behavior and assist in mitigating human-wildlife conflicts.

By utilizing GPS/VHF technology, it's possible to track the collared elephant's movements in real-time, allowing for informed decision-making and targeted conservation strategies. This collaborative approach demonstrates a commitment to wildlife conservation and sustainable coexistence between humans and elephants in the Memo area of Manjacaze.

As the collared elephant continues to roam the landscape, it represents a valuable asset in the ongoing efforts to protect and conserve Mozambique's rich biodiversity. Through continued collaboration and data-driven conservation practices, we can work towards a future where humans and wildlife thrive together.


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