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Vaccination campaign for domestic animals: Maputo National Park

Maputo National Park is not only a haven for wildlife but also a community of pet owners who call this beautiful region their home. In collaborative efforts with ANAC, our team conducted an operation to offer essential services like vaccinations, deworming, rabies prevention, and sterilization to the domestic pets in this area.

A total of 206 dogs and 23 cats were vaccinated against common diseases, providing them with a strong line of defense against illnesses. Rabies vaccinations, in particular, play a crucial role in preventing this deadly disease, which can also pose a risk to human health.

Sterilization is another important aspect of responsible pet ownership. By offering sterilization services, this initiative aims to curb the overpopulation of stray animals in the area, which can lead to various issues, including the spread of diseases and unwanted litters. In this recent effort, 13 dogs and 1 cat were sterilized, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible pet population.

The success of this partnership is not just measured in numbers; it's about creating a brighter future for both pets and their owners in the Maputo National Park region. We're committed to ensuring the health and well-being of our community's pets and contributing to a safer and healthier environment for everyone around!


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