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Training Mission in Mamoli to Mitigate Human-Wildlife Conflict

In collaboration with the Mozambican Environmental Protection Agency (APA), MWA recently organized a training mission in Mamoli with the aim of equipping community officials with the necessary skills to assess and manage the impact of human-wildlife conflicts.

Mozambique faces ongoing human-wildlife conflicts, affecting communities like Mamoli. These conflicts include crop damage, livestock loss, and threats to human safety.

Recognizing the pressing need for assistance, APA enlisted our team's support to provide comprehensive training to Mamoli's community officials. This training focused on fostering an understanding of local wildlife behaviors to enhance conflict management, empowering officials with conflict resolution expertise, and promoting community engagement in conservation efforts.

In Mamoli, progress is underway as community fiscals are now better prepared to respond to conflicts, bridging the gap between local traditions and conservation needs.


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