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Matsequenha Dreams: Opening Doors

"Matsequenha Dreams: Opening Doors" was a collaboration with the Namaacha District Authorities, the Matsequenha Community and the Mozambican platform Still Standing that is dedicated to education through sports, culture, civic engagement, and biodiversity conservation.

MWA has implemented several multi-layered projects in areas with high prevalence of Human-Wildlife conflict, where a collaboration with authorities, communities and partners aims at promoting food security, health improvement and education opportunities.

This time, Matsequenha Village, located in the Namaacha District, was chosen to introduce a domestic animal vaccination campaign and additional social initiatives promoted by MWA and its collaborators, establishing a connection between humans, nature, and animals (both domestic and wild) in a one-health approach.

This approach aims to improve ecosystem health, reduce threats to both humans and wild animals, and the overall conservation goal is to mitigate disease risks for both humans and wildlife. The campaign reached a total of 132 dogs, 17 cats and 1 vervet monkey.

Furthermore, the campaign focused on educating the children of Machava Timuca B School about biodiversity conservation through engaging activities such as capoeira, games, dances, and basketball, complementing MWA's efforts in promoting vaccination and sterilization. This multifaceted approach aimed to foster a connection between humans, nature, and animals, aligning with the campaign's one-health strategy.


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