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Our vision is to provide an international standard of wildlife conservation services that connects, inspires, and acts to secure wildlife and its habitat across Mozambique in partnership with ANAC. 


Collaboration, transparency, high standards, compassion and tolerance. 


Our mission is to create a platform for collaborative veterinary and conservation actions in Mozambique that will connect and support partners, promote coexistence with communities and increase conservation impact for people, wildlife, and the habitat they share across Mozambique.

Foundational Pillar 

1. Wildlife veterinary interventions 

2. Community support for mitigation of HWC outside protected areas 

3. Advisory support for conservation actions 

4. Information and analysis support


We don’t just believe, we act.


Mozambique's wild landscapes its people and animals, with wildlife veterinary capacity, as well as Human-wildlife-conflict management and mitigation actions.


Creating a framework for conservation in Mozambique that brings different partners together to scale impact under the mandate of the MWA-ANAC MOU.


MWA is an action-based organization, built for a purpose, in full support of ANAC and the Mozambique landscape.

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