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Why we do what we do?

For us, it is essential to understand that the success of conservation efforts relies heavily on the well-being of the people who share the land with wildlife. We believe the Integrated Conservation & Development (ICD) concept promotes wildlife coexistence with communities and increases conservation impact for people.


This strategy aims to achieve both biodiversity conservation and improve the livelihoods of local communities.

Coming from a Wildlife veterinarian and Law enforcement background, our passion and work is to safeguard Mozambique's natural capital by fostering biodiversity conservation.


A healthy and diverse ecosystem provides essential services – provisioning resources, regulating climate and water, offering cultural enrichment, and supporting critical ecological functions.  By focusing on wildlife populations and their vital role within the ecosystem, we aim to ensure a sustainable future.

How we do it?

Integrated Conservation & Development (ICD)

Local Development


On Field Response


Biodiversity Conservation


  • Protected Farming families;

  • Conservation Jobs created;

  • HWC Mitigation People trained;

  • Mobility and infrastructure support to communities;

  • Citizenship and wildlife sensibilization events;

  • Technical support for governmental and community decision making;

  • Conservation Legal Support jobs created.

  • Human Wildlife Conflict responses;

  • Community and corridor mapping;

  • Wildlife Data Gathering for informed decision making;

  • One Health projects;

  • Counter IWT, disruption and legal support.

  • Collaring;

  • Translocations;

  • Injuries treated;

  • Dehorning;

  • Wildlife DNA sample collection database.



Our mission is to create a platform for collaborative veterinary and conservation actions in Mozambique that will connect and support partners, promote coexistence with communities and increase conservation impact for people, wildlife, and the habitat they share across Mozambique.


Collaboration, transparency, high standards, compassion and tolerance.


Our vision is to provide an international standard of wildlife conservation services that connects, inspires, and acts to secure wildlife and its habitat across Mozambique in partnership with ANAC.

Foundational Pillar

1. Wildlife veterinary interventions; 

2. Community support for mitigation of HWC outside protected areas; 

3. Advisory support for conservation actions; 

4. Information and analysis support.

We don’t just believe, we act.


Mozambique's wild landscapes its people and animals, with wildlife veterinary capacity, as well as Human-wildlife-conflict management and mitigation actions.


Creating a framework for conservation in Mozambique that brings different partners together to scale impact under the mandate of the MWA-ANAC MOU.


MWA is an action-based organization, built for a purpose, in full support of ANAC and the Mozambique landscape.

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