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Training Community Fiscals: Protecting Wildlife in Matutuíne

Our recent training mission in Matutuine was a significant step towards building a sustainable future for both the local communities and the wildlife that inhabits the area. We had the privilege of working with 46 community fiscals from Maputo National Park, imparting essential skills and knowledge.

These community fiscals play a pivotal role in safeguarding the biodiversity of MNP by acting as the eyes and ears on the ground. Through our training program, we equipped them with valuable tools and insights to enhance their effectiveness.

As part of our training, we taught the community fiscals how to create peri peri blocks. These simple yet effective techniques help deter elephants from encroaching into farmlands, reducing human-wildlife conflict and promoting coexistence.

This initiative exemplifies the 'elephant-sized' effectiveness of education and collaboration in promoting coexistence between local communities and the wildlife!


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