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Empowering Communities: Mitigating Human-Wildlife Conflict in Matutuíne

Our team at MWA recently embarked on a mission to address the pressing issue of human-wildlife conflict in Matutuine. This mission, aimed at addressing the pressing issue of human-wildlife conflict, brought together 44 men and 18 women from the rural communities, working hand in hand with local producers and the Mozambican government's SDAE (Sustainable Development and Environmental Agency).

The coexistence of communities and wildlife in Matutuine has its share of challenges. Elephants, in particular, frequently encroach upon the villages and farmlands, leading to conflicts that threaten both people and animals. Finding sustainable solutions to mitigate these conflicts is a priority, and our team was up for the task.

Through a series of workshops and training sessions, we worked to equip the residents with practical skills, knowledge and tools to protect their homes while respecting the animals sharing their environment.

Peri Peri Blocks: The community was taught how to make peri peri blocks, which not only serves as a valuable agricultural resource but also as a non-lethal deterrent to prevent elephants from crossing into villages. These blocks emit a fiery smoke when ignited, effectively deterring the gentle giants.

Sound and Light Tactics: In addition to peri peri blocks, the community learned about other non-harmful methods to deter elephants. Airhorns, bird bangers, and flashlights were introduced as tools to help ward off herds of elephants without causing harm to the animals.

The impact of this mission on the rural communities of Matutuine cannot be overstated. Not only did it provide valuable skills and tools to mitigate human-wildlife conflict, but it also fostered a sense of empowerment and ownership over their environment. With these newfound capabilities, the community can now actively participate in the conservation efforts of this ecologically rich region.


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